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Linen yarn used by TEJIDOS BAGES accounts with the guarantee of the trade mark of "Masters of Linen". Has also recognition by the CILC (Confédération International du Lin et Chambre) who certifies the origin and quality of the yarn used in manufacturing.

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The CELC is the European Confederation of Linen yarn and Hemp, with headquarters located in Paris and financed by the CEE. It brings together the business community to which TEJIDOS BAGES belongs too, defending the interests of the linen manufacturer’s community.

MASTERS OF LINEN is the internationally register trademark by the CELC given to its members under strict quality assurance conditions.

The European adventure of Masters of Linen initially begins bringing together all professionals dealing with linen yarn, not only the growers / producers but industrial users as well, through the European Confederation of Flax and Hemp (C. E. L. C.) allowing to unify the promotion of the linen yarn thanks to the support of the CEE.

Around 10,000 flax growers in France, Belgium and Netherlands. More than 20 spinners in Italy, France, Northern Ireland, Belgium, Austria, Germany,… and more than 100 weavers in Italy, France, Belgium, Austria, Spain. . , have joined their talents and skills to produce all kinds of textile linen fine products.

In all stages of production, the Masters associates show nothing less but a deep respect for the nature.

The first step is a careful selection of the correct seed able to produce the best flax yarn. Nothing is left at random by the French, Belgian and Dutch specialist, whose excellence is globally recognized.

Spinning flax yarn is very delicate and requires a high degree of expertise and” know how”.

Highly specialist linen weavers, get to accomplish all kinds of fine products been use for home decoration, apparel and all to wear fashion as well as table and bed linen.

Proper finishing brings final product to perfection.

Sanfor treatment takes control of and shrinkage under 3.5 %.

TM Masters of Linen guaranties quality, granted only to fabrics manufactured by their associates and always subjected to quality control, which provides the final consumer greater security.

Masters of Linen